A new blogger in WordPress

A new blogger in WordPress

I have always wanted to write and that is the reason why I decided to have a blog. So I am a new blogger,  a typical freshman, a beginner who has to make all the mistakes you can thinkPink and main of. I am among the so called dummies who reads all the articles about do and don’ts. Anyway, I will do the don’ts.

After reading all these articles I have realised that blogging is an art. I believe that each and everyone of us got Pink and maina story to tell. We all struggle with something that writing can help to heal or ease of. It is a sort of mental hygiene or mindfulness were you either put your problems on hold or become healed.

When I started to blog I first hadPink and main to decide what language I had to writePink and main in. It was not difficult. If I wrote im norwegian I had already excluded many potential readers. But my problem was that I have not written english for several decades, so the grammar is a bit rusty. In a way I am a beginner in english too. Like how and when to use for an example thisPink and main and that, who and which and so on.

We got english in school and we also pick up english through movies and tv. I understand the most of it. To master english writing I got to push the button in my head, where I just think in english. But anyway I can not guarantee the english grammar Pink and mainto be right. Reading other people’s blogs will help me.

A freshman in WordPress compared to Squarespace

WordPress is great that way where people can follow each other’s blogs. It was not that easy with Squarespace. I felt in a way more lonely. Just me and my blog and not to forget all the technical problems I got.

I stopped using Squarespace after a couple of months because I did not like it. I normally blog from my mobilePink and main phone. In Squarespace I lost many of the edit options on the screen. They edit functions were just accessible from my lap top, so that was very unpractical. I was more annoyed about the technical problems that I did not got time to blog in a proper way.

I gave up blogging then. After a few months pause I decided to try WordPress. Well, I must say I am not disappointed. As a new blogger I will recommend WordPress. It is so much more user friendly and intuitive.

When I found out what plug-ins to use forPink and main my blog, WordPress takes care of the rest. I only wish that I could have some free recommended plug-ins from the very beginning. I guess I can find articles about this somewhere. My harddisk is overloaded and full now, so I can’t read more for a while. I lost the micro SD card somewhere during the  summer holiday.

The largest problem for me besides mastering english, is to find something to blog about. There is a lot of things going on every day, but is it something to write about? How I envy people who got aPink and main new post every day……..!



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