The advantage of e-books and audiobooks

I love to read and a day without  books,e-books or Pink and mainaudiobooks are unthinkable. I am a collector but I don’t have to fill my book shelves anymore. Advantages of e-books and audiobooksAll of my books are now stored in a digital book shelve and that is very practical. I have learnt that Pink and mainreading books Pink and maincan benefit your mental health, so keep on reading

Bobsey twins, Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys

I discovered the magic world of books when I was about 10.But it all started when I extremely disappointed got a book without pictures as a chrismas gift. How could my aunt do that to me? I started to read one day, butPink and main it must have been of pure boredom. It was the Bobsey twins, and at that Pink and maintime this was a thriller for a little girl.

Later on came Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys along. No wonder I wanted to be a detective when I grew up, just slightly influenced by the Pink and mainlitterature. My friends and I looked for cases we shouldPink and main solve, for ex when we found a stolen, abandoned bike in the ditch. Neither of us became detectives or police by profession. Well that’s ok because we never solved a case.

Agatha Christie and David Suchet

When I was 14 I discovered the queen of crime novelists, Agatha Christie. There were many late nights because of her. One very fine memory I got is when some friends and I were tenting in our backyard. The sun was up all night so it was hard to sleep. In the northern part of Norway there is daylight 24/7 during the summer. But I got company of good friends and Agatha Christie. The book was extremely heavy. It was a 3 in 1 book. So this one could benefit as an e-book or audiobook. But in the early 80’s the mobile phone Pink and maindidn’t excist and I don’t think the term audiobook excisted.

I guess I have read all the books and seen all the films about miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. To be honest Hercule Poirot was and still is my favorite. When it comes to the films, David Suchet is the Hercule Poirot himself although he appears in movies as a terrorist. Well he does a magnificant job in all caracters he plays. He is a kind of actor who can fill any shoe. Just like Meryl Streep…. I should write to him because I am a huge fan of him. Pink and mainWell, I won’t do that. I assume there is nothing new under Pink and mainthe sun for him.

What is it about Agatha Christie? I don’t know. Pink and mainI Pink and mainhave read the books more than once. There is Pink and mainalways a new detail. My husband think I got a memoryloss….

Some norwegian authors

Gunnar Staalesen’s books about Varg Pink and mainVeum and Jo Nesbø’s Harry Hole have been some of my favourite norwegian authors. Varg Veum and Harry Hole are some very similar type of guys. In my head they are both alcoholics, shabby detectives. They Pink and mainboth solve any puzzles with in some cases an unortodocs way. Jo Nesbø has reasonly released «Knife». That will be my Pink and mainnext audiobook. A absolute must……Pink and main;

I have just mentioned two excellent norwegian authors. That is unfair to the others that have had such a great impact on Pink and mainme. Unni Lindell is thePink and main norwegian queen of crime novelists. I allow myself to list Karin Fossum, Jørn Lier Horst, Tom Kristensen, Tom Egeland and Anne Holt. All of them are a crime or thriller novelists so I am bit silly when it comes Pink and mainto genre.

Pink and mainThere are many excellent writers around the world. I tend to read books written by icelandic, swedish, english or american authors.

The advantages of e-books and audiobooks

The last couples of years I have read less physical books, because I discovered e-books and audiobooks. The advantages with e-books and audiobooks are many cause both got some practical features. You don’Pink and main;t have to switch on your lamp on your bedside table which may disturbe your spouse. When you are on a journey or travel you don’t need a physical book in your bag or luggage that uptain space and gain weight. You can easily read or listen to books in a waiting room. When it comes to digital books you can easily adjust the size on the letters, which can benefit people who is visually impaired.

If you are blind orPink and main simply love beingPink and main read to, audiobooks are a very good choice. You can connect two bluetooth devices to share the book with your spouse, friend or children. I use to Pink and mainconnect my phone to a DAB radio. In that way I try to get my children interested.

Another advantage of an e-book and audiobook is if you are reumatic or struggle with joints- and musclepain. You can easily set up a digital book on your Ipad, pc or mobile phone. You don’t need to physically hold a book.

The advantage of reading, whether it is a book, e-book or an audiobook, as I said in the first paragraph can improve your mental health. can read or listen to books about mindfulnes and afirmations.

I got some fantastic Sony headphones which I really recommend .  The housework have become so much easier. Washing the floor goes like a breeze.

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