When your children leave home

I’mPink and main in grief. The day has come and my oldest of my Pink and maintwo children, Alex is leaving home for university approx 550 km fromPink and main home. I must say I got mixed emotions.

My child is leaving home for The Arctic university of Tromsø
The Pink and mainArctic university of Tromsø

Preparation for my children leaving home

I have over the years been collecting table- and cookingwares and bed linen for my sons emigrant day. I have been well prepared, cause Alex has shared Pink and mainhis future educationPink and main plans.So that he hisPink and main leaving home came not like a bomb. As a Pink and mainparent I am supporting him. But still I am mourning.

I guess thisPink and main feelings are universial and natural. It is just something we have to go through. Pink and mainSome may say: «Well, that’s life». We all know that, but to come to an acceptance you have to grieve. That’s something I learntPink and main in my psycology lessons once.

When I was leaving home

Personally I left home for Pink and mainhighschool when I was 16. My son i I had to rent a room and be very careful with the money. It was actually a tough experience. In the 80’s there wasPink and main no programs in highschool where the aim was, to take care of young students who Pink and mainhad moved away from home. I recall many drop outs. Maybe aPink and main social program couldPink and main have prevented that? I was alwaysPink and main broke and lived on sausages, ketschup and spaghetti. ThatPink and main wasPink and main not much of a diet.

How I envied the students Pink and mainwho could still live home with their parents.They gotPink and main everything. I sat in my 10 m2 Pink and mainrented room and counted every Pink and mainpenny…..

I travelled home every Pink and mainweekends. The travel was «an american route» as we used to call itPink and main. ItPink and main was several hours in the Vestfjord in all kind of weather. Always seasick and beaten. I write about The Vestfjord Pink and mainin https://wp.me/pb4jAC-2t

My children don't have to cross the Vestfjord

Good luck my dear

I described my feelings as very mixed. I am actually also lucky and excited on behalf of my son. Alex is back in school. He don&#Pink and main8217;t have to pass a fjord, and Pink and mainthe university got social student programs. There are many friends in the university, so there is no need to feel completely alone, as I Pink and maindid. A healthy, kind, independent and determine young has now left the base. So I just have to say to myself. That Alex will be fine. It will make him good to leave home…….


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